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Backport upstream commits to stable RDO Mitaka release && Deployments with Keystone API V3

Posting bellow is written  with intend to avoid waiting until "koji" build will appear in updates repo of stable RDO Mitaka release, what might take a couple of months or so. Actually, it doesn't require knowledge how to write properly source RH's rpm file. It just needs picking up raw content of...
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RDO Mitaka & Several External Networks VLAN Provider Setup

Post below is addressing the question when Controller/Network RDO Mitaka Node has to have external networks of VLAN type with predefined vlan tags. Straight forward packstack deployment doesn't  allow to achieve desired network configuration. External network provider of vlan type appears to be...
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Creating functional ssh keypair on RDO Mitaka via Chrome Advanced REST Client

The problem here is that REST API POST request creating ssh-keypair to access nova servers  doesn't write to disk rsa private key  and only upload public one to nova. Closing Chrome Client results loosing rsa private key. To prevent failure to write to disk private key , save response-export.json...
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Creating Servers via REST API on RDO Mitaka via Chrome Advanced REST Client

In posting bellow we are going to demonstrate Chrome Advanced REST Client successfully issuing REST API POST requests for creating RDO Mitaka Servers (VMs) as well as getting information about servers via GET requests. All required HTTP Headers are configured in GUI environment as well as body...
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Switching to Newly Added Storage Node on RDO Mitaka

Suppose that your original answer-file been used for Controller/Network +(N)*Compute Node deployment has been updated as follows to separate Storage Node from Controller. Controller has IP, Compute has IP Following lines in classic ML2&OVS&VXLAN deployment...
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