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The Origin Story of ROS, the Linux of Robotics

Ten years ago, while struggling to bring the vision of the “Linux of Robotics” to reality, I was inspired by the origin stories of other transformative endeavors. In this post I want to share some untold parts of the early story of the Robot Operating System, or ROS, to hopefully inspire those of...
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TurtleBot 3 Burger runs Ubuntu on a Raspberry Pi 3 while the larger TurtleBot 3 Waffle integrates a more powerful, Atom-based Intel Joule computer-on-module.

Open Source TurtleBot 3 Robot Kit Runs Ubuntu and ROS on Raspberry Pi

The TurtleBot 2, which Open Robotics calls the “world’s most popular open source robot for education and research,” has long been the de facto development platform for the open source Robot Operating System (ROS). Many TurtleBot developers run ROS from Ubuntu, but Windows is also available on the...
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AI machine learning
AI is driving many new opportunities, especially for technologists with expertise in open source and AI.

Artificial Intelligence: Open Source and Standards Bodies Drive Opportunities

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) skillsets are now becoming a crucial way for technology-focused workers to differentiate themselves from the pack. Moreover, from Elon Musk’s OpenAI organization to Google’s sweeping new open AI initiatives announced at the recent Google I/O...
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Google Open-Sources Cartographer 3D Mapping Library

Google today said that it’s open-sourced Cartographer, a library for mapping movement in space in both 2D and 3D. the technology works with the open source Robot Operating System (ROS), which makes the software easier to deploy in software systems for robots, self-driving cars, and drones....
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ROS robot
ROS is an open source framework for creating advanced robots; it sits on top of an existing OS such as GNU/Linux.

ROS: An Open Source Robotics Platform on Linux

ROS is an open source framework allowing you to create advanced robots. Using ROS takes much of the tedious work out of creating useful robots because it supplies code for navigation, arm manipulation, and other common robot tasks. ROS allows various software components to communicate between one...
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4 Tutorials for Building a Rugged Raspberry Pi Robot

In this series of four tutorials, Ben Martin provides step-by-step instructions, code, and troubleshooting tips to take you through the process of building, powering, connecting, and controlling your own Mantis robot mounted with a Raspberry Pi. Martin explains in detail how to attach motors,...
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Completed Mantis robot.

Build An Off-Road Raspberry Pi Robot: Part 4

The first three parts of this series (see links below) have shown the building of the Mantis robot (Figure 1), how to control things with the RoboClaw motor controller, and operation of the robot using the keyboard. Before you start thinking about self-driving robots, it is useful to be able to...
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Mantis robot initial build.

Build an Off-Road Raspberry Pi Robot: Part 2

In the previous article, I showed how to do the initial build of our Mantis robot, featuring a RoboClaw motor controller board and a Raspberry Pi. Here, I’ll move on to attaching motors, connecting the RoboClaw to your Pi through a USB port, and supplying the RoboClaw with its own power source. The...
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Add a RoboClaw motor controller board to your Mantis kit.

Build an Off-Road Raspberry Pi Robot: Part 1

Take your Raspberry Pi into the wild with the Mantis robot kit. In this series of articles, I’ll discuss the process of building, powering, connecting, and controlling your own Mantis robot, and I’ll also point out some potential pitfalls. The Mantis is available in four- and six-wheel...
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