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Open Networking Summit
SK Telecom’s Dr. Alex Jinsung Choi will give a keynote talk on “The Road to 5G with Open Source” at Open Networking Summit, April 3-6, 2017.

SK Telecom CTO Discusses The Future of Software-Defined Networking in the Telco Industry

As more people access the Internet from their mobile devices, mobile operators must adapt their networks to accommodate skyrocketing data use and new traffic patterns. To do so, they’re turning to the same principles of software-defined networking (SDN) already finding success in the data center....
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Building a Next Generation Mobile Network Using Open Networking Technologies

SK Telecom envisions transforming itself into a platform company, making the mobile network as a platform where new services can be created and supported including traditional telco applications, media apps, streaming and IoT applications. “We need to transition the current telco infrastructure...
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