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Node.js Is Now Available as a Snap on Ubuntu, Other GNU/Linux Distributions

Node.js, the widely-used open-source and cross-platform JavaScript runtime environment for executing server-side  JavaScript code, is now officially available as a Snap package for the Linux platform. Now that Linux is the preferred development platform for developers visiting Stack Overflow, the...
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Roger Ignazio
Roger Ignazio, tech lead at Mesosphere, introduces the Snap plugin for Apache Mesos at MesosCon Asia 2016.

What If Mesos Metrics Collection Was a Snap?

Roger Ignazio, tech lead at Mesosphere, introduces the Snap plugin for Apache Mesos at MesosCon Asia 2016. Snap is an open telemetry framework that simplifies the collection, processing, and publishing of system data through a single API. It collects hundreds of metrics from Mesos masters and...
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How to Install Snap Applications on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS

Ubuntu 16.04LTS was released by Canonical back in April last year. Among some of the key new features it brought, one was a new packaging format dubbed Snap. To refresh, here's an excerpt from our Ubuntu 16.04 overview tutorial that explains the what and why of Snap: So, why Snap? Well, this new...
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Flatpak allows developers to look at Linux as “one” platform, not only among different distributions that use different package formats but also among different versions of the same distributions.

Flatpak: A Containerized Approach to Developing Linux Applications

Containers are becoming increasingly popular in the enterprise world, which has come to realize that containers not only solve many problems, but also bring agility, scalability, and other benefits to the IT infrastructure. This idea is now trickling down to the desktop world. Canonical gets much...
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Linux’s RPM/deb Split Could Be Replaced By Flatpak vs. Snap

Linux developers are going to have more than one choice for building secure, cross-distribution applications. Ubuntu's "snap" applications recently went cross-platform, having been ported to other Linux distros including Debian, Arch, Fedora, and Gentoo. The goal is to simplify packaging of...
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Snap greatly simplifies third-party Linux app distribution, says Canonical. [Image credit: Canonical; https://developer.ubuntu.com/en/desktop/]

Ubuntu Snappy-Based Package Format Aims to Bridge Linux Divide

Could the transactional mechanism that drives Canonical’s IoT-focused Snappy Ubuntu Core help unify Linux and save it from fragmentation? Today, Canonical announced that the lightweight Snappy’s “snap” mechanism, which two months ago was extended to all Ubuntu users in Ubuntu 16.04, can also work...
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Linux Expert Matthew Garrett: Ubuntu 16.04's New Snap Format Is a Security Risk

Ubuntu's supposedly secure app package format doesn't do much to improve security on the desktop, according to a well-known Linux kernel developer.  The new Snap app package format is a headline feature of the new Ubuntu 16.04, touted by Canonical as a secure way of developing software that makes...
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