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Open Source MANO Supports Public and Hybrid Cloud Deployments

The ETSI Open Source MANO (OSM) group today launched the second version of its open source code that includes new software-defined networking (SDN) capabilities and an Amazon Web Services (AWS) plugin to support public and hybrid cloud deployments. OSM, which aims to deliver an open network...
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The flexibility of Swift means you can change your cluster to meet the storage demands as necessary.

Swift Is Old, Why Should I Use it?

With emerging technology, there can be the thought that old is not good. It could lack the features and performance the business requires.  Cloud technology changes so much, do we still need something like Swift that predates OpenStack? To answer this question, we must understand Swift’s unique...
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The rise of SDDC and the future of enterprise IT

If you've worked in enterprise IT over the last few years, you'll undoubtedly have heard the phrase 'software defined' being bandied around. Whereas software once merely played a support role to the hardware on which it was running, cloud and virtualization technologies have now moved software into...
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Why Dynamic Hyperconvergence Is the Gateway to the Software-Defined Data Center

Computing and storage platforms leveraged by most organizations today are not equipped to keep up with the breakneck pace of global business, nor are they able to handle the challenges associated with the massive growth of data. As more CIOs and IT decision makers look to reduce infrastructure...
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Embracing SDN & NFV to Optimize Enterprise Data Center Operations

Virtualization technologies such as software-defined networking (SDN) and  network functions virtualization (NFV) offer new opportunities for how data centers can manage their IT infrastructures. As networks become more programmable, enterprise data centers can achieve greater agility.  SDN and NFV...
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Networks need automation -- just ask the U.S. military

IT professionals are looking to software-defined networking to automate what are still complex and vulnerable systems controlled by human engineers. Major General Sarah Zabel knows where they’re coming from. The general summed up what many enterprises are saying about software-defined networking....
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OpenStack, SDN, and Container Networking Power Enterprise Cloud at PayPal

Experimenting with software-defined networking (SDN), overlays and container networking is the latest step in PayPal's journey to build its next generation Enterprise Cloud infrastructure. At Open Networking Summit 2016 (ONS), Jigar Desai, VP of Cloud and Platforms at PayPal, shared the company’s...
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Opening up networks to choice, at last

Choice in networks is emerging, and everyone—from consumers to data centers—stands to benefit. Creating choice is one of the fundamental drivers of innovation. Choice sparks debate, fosters competition and drives innovation. There’s always someone else in the market looking to offer us a choice...
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Containers as a Service tools provide a framework to manage container and application deployment.

5 Container as a Service Tools You Should Know About

In a previous article on next-generation cloud technologies, I mentioned Containers as a Service (CaaS), which provides a framework to manage container and application deployment. Brendan Burns, Google’s lead engineer for Kubernetes, introduced CaaS as a term for container platforms in his talk at...
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Working at night burns out your team and makes you less creative, warned Colin McNamara in a presentation at DevOps Networking Forum 2016.
Working at night burns out your team and makes you less creative, warned Colin McNamara in a presentation at DevOps Networking Forum 2016.

Working Late May Be Destroying Your Organization: Colin McNamara [Video]

Many of us who work in the IT field are aware of the grim reality of working late at night. People often end up working long hours as they take on additional work and projects. But, is that good for you? Is it good for your organization? Is it good for your teams and clients? By doing so, are you...
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