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Why Continuous Integration Is Important

There are many reasons often cited for why continuous integration is necessary, but none are so important, so essential, as trust. Let me elucidate; veteran developer Robert “Uncle Bob” Martin says that one of the core failings in modern software development is the breakdown in trust between...
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4 Ways Custom Code Metrics Improve a Development Team

One of the things that has surprised me over the years is how infrequently people take advantage of custom code metrics.  I say this not from the perspective of a geek with esoteric interest in a subject, wishing other people would share my interest.  Rather, I say this from the perspective of a...
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Scott Johnston
Scott Johnston, SVP at Docker, speaks at Collaboration Summit.

3 Reasons Docker and Containerization Lit Up Application Development [Video]

Docker was the flame that catalyzed innovation in application development, according to Scott Johnston, senior vice president of product management and design at Docker. However, that success was entirely unforeseen. "I wish I could say that we had a premeditated mindset three years ago when we...
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Fifty Shades of Open

Open source. Open access. Open society. Open knowledge. Open government. Even open food. Until quite recently, the word “open” had a fairly constant meaning. The over-use of the word “open” has led to its meaning becoming increasingly ambiguous. This presents a critical problem for this important...
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DevOps and Sharing

Right now I hold the hilarious title of “DevOps Heroine” at Acrolinx. For non-native English speakers: a heroine is a female hero. I started working at Acrolinx in the beginning of this year. Earlier I was a junior software engineer at a small Polish company called Three of Coins. Three of Coins is...
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Software is Eating the Ops World

One thing I've thought a lot about is how the role of the system administrator is changing. This reflection was prompted by a couple of things: one, I'm a co-chair for talks at one of the longest running system administration conferences, so I should probably think about this kind of thing...
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