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A Wayback Machine for Source Code

...The “Software Heritage” project is a sort of Wayback Machine for software. The project plans to create an archive of computer code source files as they appear on the web — an undertaking that has implications not just for history, but for science and research, too. Since 2015, archivists at the...
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What's the Difference Between a Fork and Clone?

The concept of forking a project has existed for decades in free and open source software. To "fork" means to take a copy of the project, rename it, and start a new project and community around the copy. Those who fork a project rarely, if ever, contribute to the parent project again. It's the...
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Getting Started with Open Source Licenses

With proprietary software, it's easy for a developer to know where he or she stands. Unless you or the company for which you're working owns the copyright to the code, it's off limits -- end of story. There's usually not even any temptation to use the code, because the source code is usually not...
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