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Source{d} Can Help Solve Your Own Tabs-Versus-Spaces Debate

The debate over tabs versus spaces has been going on for decades and, despite all attempts to end it, it is ongoing. StackOverflow co-founder Jeff Atwood once wrote of the debate, “It doesn’t actually matter which coding styles you pick. What does matter is that you, and everyone else on your team...
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Machine learning already affects the way we live, make choices, and get entertained.

How Machine Learning Will Change Software Development

Artificial intelligence (AI) is not sci-fi anymore; machines have made their way into our lives with ever-increasing importance. Today, humans are teaching machines and machines already affect the way we live, make choices, and get entertained. There are many ways we already use AI in our everyday...
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Source{d} offers a suite of applications that uses machine learning for source code analysis and assisted code reviews.

source{d} Engine: A Simple, Elegant Way to Analyze your Code

With the recent advances in machine learning technology, it is only a matter of time before developers can expect to run full diagnostics and information retrieval on their own source code. This can include autocompletion, auto-generated user tests, more robust linters, automated code reviews and...
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