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The Best Rising Linux Distros in 2018

Linux is built for tinkering and experimentation, which means it’s always morphing and changing. New distros are popping up all the time, because all it takes is a little bit of determination, time and effort to create a custom operating system. Not all of them hit the mark – there are stacks of...
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Subgraph OS
Jack Wallen says Subgraph is a seriously promising security-focused distro. (Image: courtesy Subgraph OS)

Subgraph: This Security-Focused Distro Is Malware’s Worst Nightmare

By design, Linux is a very secure operating system. In fact, after 20 years of usage, I have personally experienced only one instance where a Linux machine was compromised. That instance was a server hit with a rootkit. On the desktop side, I’ve yet to experience an attack of any kind.That doesn’t...
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