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Why You Need To Understand Your Software Supply Chain

Every company uses software, obviously. There isn’t a technology industry keynote that passes without a besuited evangelist telling us that ‘every business is a technology business’ – and they may even pepper in the old ‘hey Uber has no cars, Amazon has no bookstores’ chestnut if they really want...
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OpenChain aims to make open source compliance more predictable, understandable, and efficient for all participants in the software supply chain.

The OpenChain Project: From A to Community

Communities form in open source all the time to address challenges. The majority of these communities are based around code, but others cover topics as diverse as design or governance. The OpenChain Project is a great example of the latter. What began three years ago as a conversation about...
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Why the Open Source Community Needs a Diverse Supply Chain

At this year's Opensource.com Community Moderator's meeting in Raleigh, North Carolina, Red Hat CEO Jim Whitehurst made a comment that stuck with me. "Open source's supply chain is source code," he said, "and the people making up that supply chain aren't very diverse." Diversity and inclusivity in...
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How OpenChain Can Transform the Supply Chain

OpenChain is all about increasing open source compliance in the supply chain. This issue, which many people initially dismiss as a legal concern or a low priority, is actually tied to making sure that open source is as useful and frictionless as possible. In a nutshell, because open source is about...
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The Hyperledger Project is a collaborative open source development effort built on the goal of advancing blockchain technologies.

Blockchain Technology Is Changing How Business Is Done

This article was sponsored by IBM and written by Linux.com. Blockchain technology is changing the way businesses record and monitor data transactions. It provides a decentralized, immutable ledger, or record of transactions, that effectively verifies the integrity of data in that ledger. The...
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From Safety to Savings, Blockchain Technology Will Disrupt the Food Scene

Behold the blockchain. The disruptive new technology promises to make traditional paper ledger-based transactions obsolete, replaced by digital ledgers. Headlines appear every day heralding how blockchain technology will revolutionize financial services markets, which remain burdened by unwieldy...
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Sustainable Open Source – Where Are the Vendors?

Harvard Business Review has an article comparing old, crusty open source code to the Y2K ordeal. Go ahead and read it – it’s worth your time. What if I told you that the entire NTP relies on the sole effort of a 61-year-old who has pretty much volunteered his own time for the last 30 years? His...
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Product Development in the Age of Cloud Native

In a cloud native world, where workloads and infrastructure are all geared towards applications that spend their entire life cycle in a cloud environemnt, One of the first shifts was towards lightning fast release cycles. No longer would dev and ops negotiate 6 month chunks of time to ensure safe...
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Supply Chain Case Study: Canonical and Ubuntu

I love talking about supply chain management in an open source software context, especially as it applies to managing collaborative processes between upstream projects and their downstream products. In the article linked above, I called out a couple of examples of supply chain management: an...
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Blockchain for Supply Chain: Enormous Potential Down the Road

Blockchain is presently at the peak of Gartner’s Hype Cycle, which means the next stop is the Trough of Disillusionment. In supply chain circles the technology is suddenly drawing serious interest, in part because of IBM’s recent push to go public with pilots including one with Maersk and another...
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