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Thomas Dreibholz, Senior Research Engineer at Simula Research Laboratory, talking about NorNet and Building an Inter-Continental Internet Testbed Based on Open Source Software at LinuxCon Europe.

NorNet: An Open Source Inter-Continental Internet Testbed

With new devices and applications creating interesting use cases for IoT, smart cities, vehicle networks, mobile broadband and more, we are creating new ways to use networked technologies, and we need to be able to test these in realistic settings across locations. In his LinuxCon Europe talk,...
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Syscall Auditing at Scale

If you are are an engineer whose organization uses Linux in production, I have two quick questions for you: 1) How many unique outbound TCP connections have your servers made in the past hour? 2) Which processes and users initiated each of those connections? If you can answer both of these...
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Vint Cerf Warns Humanity: Can Our Data Survive Longer Than A Century?

Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) co-author Vint Cerf is hailed as “the father of the internet,” but now he’s worried about an even larger communications protocol, on a scale of thousands of years. How will our civilization communicate with people in the future? When it comes to generations yet...
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Linux Bug Leaves 1.4 Billion Android Users Vulnerable to Hijacking Attacks

An estimated 80 percent of Android phones contain a recently discovered vulnerability that allows attackers to terminate connections and, if the connections aren't encrypted, inject malicious code or content into the parties' communications, researchers from mobile security firm Lookout said Monday...
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Linux Flaw Allows Attackers to Hijack Web Connections

Researchers discovered that a Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) specification implemented in Linux creates a vulnerability that can be exploited to terminate connections and conduct data injection attacks. The flaw, tracked as CVE-2016-5696, is related to a feature described in RFC 5961, which...
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