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How Project Calico Transcends the Limits of Software-Defined Networking

Project Calico is an open source layer three virtual networking system for containers, which can be deployed across a variety of todays platforms and setups, including hybrid environments. While centralized control can quickly cause an underlying software-defined network (SDN) to reach load...
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Tigera Plans to Solve the Container Networking Challenge

Container networking is a messy affair. Tigera, a startup announced earlier this month by Metaswitch veterans, aims to make it simpler and more secure by melding Project Calico and CoreOS flannel into a new open source platform called Canal. Although containers from CoreOS, Docker, and other...
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Project Calico, Flannel Join Forces for Policy-Secured Networking

Traditional approaches to network management and security are ill-suited for the fluid nature of container and microservices-based architectures. Containers appear, disappear and are moved around to different compute nodes far too frequently to be assigned static IP addresses, much less be...
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