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Linux Kernel Bug Hunting

The story starts with a message on our workplace chat: “Our k8s master servers are rebooting randomly every day!” This announcement had a good and a bad side. On the good side, our clusters handled this unfortunate event without problems, even when two out of five servers were rebooting at the same...
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Tracing a Packet Journey Using Linux Tracepoints, perf and eBPF

I’ve been looking for a low level Linux network debugging tool for quite some time. Linux allows to build complex networks running directly on the host, using a combination of virtual interfaces and network namespaces. When something goes wrong, troubleshooting is rather tedious. If this is a L3...
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Troubleshooting Tips for the 5 Most Common Linux Issues

Although Linux installs and operates as expected for most users, inevitably some users will run into problems. For my final article in The Queue column for the year, I thought it would be interesting to summarize the most common technical Linux issues people ran into in 2016. I posted the question...
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