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LinuxBoot for Servers: Enter Open Source, Goodbye Proprietary UEFI

LinuxBoot is an Open Source alternative to Proprietary UEFI firmware. It was released last year and is now being increasingly preferred by leading hardware manufacturers as default firmware. Last year, LinuxBoot was warmly welcomedinto the Open Source family by The Linux Foundation. This project...
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Top 5 Linux Pain Points in 2017

As I discussed in my 2016 Open Source Yearbook article on troubleshooting tips for the 5 most common Linux issues, Linux installs and operates as expected for most users, but some inevitably run into problems. How have things changed over the past year in this regard? Once again, I posted the...
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Workstation Security Checklist
In this series, we’ll lay out a set of baseline recommendations for Linux workstation security. This article covers some considerations you should weigh when choosing a distribution.

4 Security Steps to Take Before You Install Linux

Learn how to work from anywhere and keep your data, identity, and sanity. DOWNLOAD NOW Systems administrators who use a Linux workstation to access and manage IT infrastructure -- whether from home or at work --  are at risk of becoming attack vectors against the rest of the infrastructure. In this...
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Marcel Holtmann
Marcel Holtmann explains how he optimized Linux to run on a tiny device, at LinuxCon Europe.

Running Linux on Tiny Peripherals

It seems like every day new IoT devices with a very limited amount of RAM and storage space are appearing in homes, gardens, businesses, labs, and elsewhere. This includes things like heart rate monitors, thermometers, home automation components, and other devices that only need to perform small,...
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Distribution Release: Quirky 8.0

Barry Kauler has announced the launch of Quirky 8.0. The new release of the Quirky distribution is binary compatible with Ubuntu 16.04 and can install Deb packages from the Ubuntu software repositories. The new version of Quirky includes support for booting on UEFI-enabled computers and features...
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Using the New GUID Partition Table in Linux (Goodbye Ancient MBR)

In How to Upgrade Your Linux PC Hardware we learned about choosing Linux-compatible components, and some great Linux commands for probing hardware without opening the box. Today we're going to explore the mysteries of GPT, the GUID partition table, which is the newfangled replacement for the tired...
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