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Syslog, A Tale Of Specifications

The advantage of a unikernel work cycle is many-fold. You get performance benefits from not having a memory management unit or Kernel/User boundary and the attack surface is greatly minimized as all system dependencies are compiled with your application logic. Don’t use a file-system in your...
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What Containers and Unikernels Can Learn from Arduino and Raspberry Pi

I had always viewed Arduinos and Raspberry Pi as these cool, little, specialized devices that can be used to make all kinds of fun gadgets. I came from the software side of the world and have always considered Linux on x86 and x86-64 "general purpose." The truth is, Arduinos are not specialized. In...
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Introducing Unik: Build and Run Unikernels with Ease

By Idit Levine (@Idit_Levine), Office of the CTO & CTO of Cloud Platform Team, EMC Check out the Unik code today at https://github.com/emc-advanced-dev/unik/ Catch the announcement and live demo today at 11am PDT/2pm EDT:  https://plus.google.com/events/c17rvgfd2cohnn5adaf5ov1drag If you're...
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Open Source Security Process Part 2: Containers vs. Hypervisors - Protecting Your Attack Surface

In part two of this series, Xen Project Advisory Board Chairman Lars Kurth discusses the different security vulnerabilities of containers and hypervisors. Read Part 1: A Cloud Security Introduction. With virtualization software, every element of every interface is an opportunity to make a mistake...
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