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Unit Testing in the Linux Kernel

Brendan Higgins recently proposed adding unit tests to the Linux kernel, supplementing other development infrastructure such as perf, autotest and kselftest. The whole issue of testing is very dear to kernel developers' hearts, because Linux sits at the core of the system and often has a very...
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Unit Testing: Time-Consuming but Product-Saving

“Today i finally recognized that unit tests are a critical part of my programming flow” — Ashley Williams, Twitter. Long-time Node.js advocate Ashley Williams kicked off her recent Twitter thread in the same sort of stream of consciousness that many devs go through when they are coming to terms...
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Down the Right Corridor: Dynatrace Jump-Starts Cloud Foundry Unit Testing

If you’re a Cloud Foundry applications developer, how well do you test the performance of your work before you deploy it to production?  A CI/CD framework may help you run a battery of automated tests on your code in a sandboxed system. But does it enable you to do unit testing? “The process of...
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