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Git Behind the Curtain: What Happens When You Commit, Branch, and Merge

I think that the first thing to understand about Git is that it's not strictly a source control system; it's more like a versioned filesystem that happens to be good at source control. Traditionally, source control systems focused on the evolution of files. For example, RCS (and its successor CVS)...
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Josh Triplett
Josh Triplett describes the git-series tool in his talk at ContainerCon North America.

Have Your Git Rebase and Patch Versioning, Too, With git-series

The Git distributed revision control system is splendid in a multitude of ways but one -- keeping a good history of patches and commits. Pish tosh, you say, for Git remembers everything! Yes, it does, until you rebase. To solve this problem, Josh Triplett, built a new tool called git-series, which...
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GitHub Open-Sources Internal Load-Balancing Software

GitHub will release as open source the GitHub Load Balancer (GLB), its internally developed load balancer. GLB was originally built to accommodate GitHub’s need to serve billions of HTTP, Git, and SSH connections daily. Now the company will release components of GLB via open source, and it will...
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Git 2.10 Version Control System Is a Massive Release with over 150 Changes

A new major release of the popular Git open-source and cross-platform distributed version control system has been announced. ...Git 2.10 includes hundreds of changes, ranging from improvements to basic commands and the implementation of new options, to fixes for some of the most annoying bugs...
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How to Manage Binary Blobs with Git

In the previous six articles in this series we learned how to manage version control on text files with Git. But what about binary files? Git has extensions for handling binary blobs such as multimedia files, so today we will learn how to manage binary assets with Git. One thing everyone seems to...
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Getting Started with Version Control and Linux

You probably have a folder full of documents that say things like importantpresentation.final.odp, importantpresentation.real.final.odp, and importantpresentation.final.changesfromjen.odp. The dates the files were created might help you figure out which one is the latest version, but it can get...
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Why Google Stores Billions of Lines of Code in a Single Repository

This article outlines the scale of that codebase and details Google's custom-built monolithic source repository and the reasons the model was chosen. Google uses a homegrown version-control system to host one large codebase visible to, and used by, most of the software developers in the company....
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Why I Prefer Merge Over Rebase

There are many ways to work with Git. The workflows vary depending on the size of the team, organization, and on the way of working — is it distributed, is it sprint-based, is it a company, or an open-source project, where a maintainer approves pull requests? You can use vanilla-Git, you can use...
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Open Source Cross-platform Development Methods and Tools

Ultimately, I realized I wanted to develop software, and really wanted to develop in a native language where I had access to the hardware. At the time I used Linux as my main operating system, but also worked with people using Windows and Mac OS X on a regular basis. I wanted them to be able to use...
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Git 2.9 Improves Submodules, Diff Readability

The open source Git distributed version control system, the cornerstone of the GitHub code-sharing site, has been upgraded with faster submodules and improvements for diffs and testing. Version 2.9, released this week, expands options for submodules, which enable users to keep another Git...
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