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A Quick Look at the Git Object Store

Let's talk about some of the internals of git and how it stores and tracks objects within the .git directory. If you're unaware of what the .git directory is, it's simply a space that git uses to store your repositories data, the directory is created when you run git init. Information such as...
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13 Git Tips for Git's 13th Birthday

Git, the distributed revision-control system that's become the default tool for source code control in the open source world, turns 13 on April 7. One of the more frustrating things about using Git is how much you need to know to use it effectively. This can also be one of the more awesome things...
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Git v2.17.0 Released

Version 2.17.0 of the Git source-code management system is out. It includes a long list of relatively minor tweaks. "Since Git 1.7.9, 'git merge' defaulted to --no-ff (i.e. even when the side branch being merged is a descendant of the current commit, create a merge commit instead of fast-forwarding...
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Starting Out In Development - Subversion

This is and entry in a series about Starting Out In Development. The goal of this series is to provide brief introductions to critical tools, concepts, and skills you'll need as a developer. By now you should be familiar with what version control is. If you're unsure, check out my article ...
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Here Are All the Git Commands I used Last Week, and What They Do

Like most newbies, I started out searching StackOverflow for Git commands, then copy-pasting answers, without really understanding what they did. Image credit: XKCD Well, here I am years later to compile such a list, and lay out some best practices that even intermediate-advanced developers...
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Git Helpers - Simplify Your Git Workflow

Being a Git lover, I got tired of typing same commands over and over again. This motivated me to build some alias for my git workflow I use every day. Most of the alias was inherited from Nicholas C. Zakas's gist. I took that a step further by creating more alias which I use every time I contribute...
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In part 5 of our DevOps Fundamentals series, we’ll do a quick review of some of the tools and then discuss how to achieve consistency in the pipeline.

DevOps Fundamentals, Part 5: Consistency in the Pipeline

So far in our series previewing the DevOps Fundamentals: Implementing Continuous Delivery (LFS261) course from The Linux Foundation, we have already looked at: High-Performing Organizations The Value Stream Continuous Delivery and Deployment Patterns and Practices In this article,...
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Why Git Is Worth the Learning Curve

Over the last decade, distributed version control systems, like Git, have gained popularity and are regarded as the most important development tools by developers. Although the learning curve can pose a challenge, developers told us that Git enhances their ability to work together and ship faster,...
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Just Starting Out with Git and GitHub? It Gets Easier, Honest!

No doubt you have heard of Git or GitHub for source control, but what is source control? This is a basic overview of source code control and the advantages of using it within a team environment or using it on your own, if you do a Google search for source code control you can read how Wikipedia...
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DevOps Lab: Learn to Use GitHub for Infrastructure Deployments

This article is part of a series to help IT ops professionals learn DevOps by building a home lab. In the second step, Git version control allows ops to manage infrastructure as code. A DevOps deployment requires quickly provisioned infrastructure that adapts to application needs. The Vagrant VM...
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