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Manivannan Selvaraj
Manivannan Selvaraj shares a wealth of insights on PayPal's CI infrastructure in this talk from LinuxCon NA.

PayPal Reduces Costs 10x With Open Source CI

The bigger you are, the more small efficiencies add up. Manivannan Selvaraj's talk from LinuxCon North America gives us a detailed inside view of how PayPal cut operating costs by a factor of ten, while greatly increasing performance and user convenience. Everything has to be fast now. We can't...
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What's New in OpenStack in 2016: A Look at the Newton Release

OpenStack is on a six-month release cycle, with each release given a code name starting with consecutive letters of the alphabet. On October 7th, OpenStack Newton was released. Let's look at a few highlights from OpenStack's 2016 Newton release. In addition to the usual enormous number of...
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Brandon Philips
Brandon Philips, CTO of CoreOS, on stage at LinuxCon Europe talking about VM security and container workflows.

Containers and Virtual Machines: A Dynamic Duo

It's easy to think of containers and VMs as a binary choice -- deciding whether to use a VM or a container (not both) for your use case. In his keynote at LinuxCon Europe, Brandon Philips, CTO at CoreOS, talked about a case study for using VMs and containers together to take advantage of the...
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The Year in NV Trends for 2016

Is it ever too early for a Year in Review column? Didn’t think so. For this attempt, let’s take a look at the exciting trends in network virtualization (NV), as a mixture of open and proprietary technologies battle to be the cloud networking foundation of the future. On the competitive front, we...
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Kubernetes clusters
By adding cluster federation, Kubernetes can distribute workloads across multiple clusters; learn how in this tutorial.

Federating Your Kubernetes Clusters -- The New Road to Hybrid Clouds

Over the past six months, federation of Kubernetes clusters has moved from proof of concept to a release that is worth checking. Federation was first introduced under somewhat of a code name -- Ubernetes. And then, in Kubernetes v1.3.0, cluster federation appeared. Now, there is extensive...
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The Docker Monitoring Problem

This post is part 1 in a 4-part series about Docker monitoring. Part 2 explores metrics that are available from Docker, part 3 covers the nuts and bolts of collecting those Docker metrics, and part 4 describes how the largest TV and radio outlet in the U.S. monitors Docker. This article dives into...
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OpenStack Becomes a Standard Building Block for NFV

OpenStack is becoming the de facto standard for infrastructure orchestration for NFV deployment by leading Communications Service Providers (CSPs). CSPs are trading off the challenges of OpenStack implementations (e.g. immature technology and evolving standards) for the benefits of open source and...
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IBM, Intel, Microsoft, Mozilla and NodeSource Join Forces on Node.js API

Part of Node.js Foundation’s mission is growing Node.js everywhere. The Node.js platform is already available on a variety of VMs, like Samsung’s JerryScript, a lightweight JavaScript engine for the Internet of Things. While many steps are needed to allow Node.js to work in VM environments outside...
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Containers Moving Beyond Servers

It’s obvious enough why containers are valuable within the data center. They provide a portable, lightweight mode of deploying applications to servers. However, servers account for only one part of the software market. There is a good chance that, sooner or later, containers will expand to other...
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cloud trends
Learn about the growing importance of cloud technologies in our free 2016 Guide to the Open Cloud report.

3 Emerging Cloud Technologies You Should Know

In previous articles, we’ve discussed four notable trends in cloud computing and how the rise of microservices and the public cloud has led to a whole new class of open source cloud computing projects. These projects leverage the elasticity of the public cloud and enable applications designed and...
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