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Docker Networking Fundamentals

Each Docker container has its own network stack. This is due to the Linux kernel NET namespace, where a new NET namespace for each container is instantiated and cannot be seen from outside the container or from other containers. Docker networking is powered by the following network components and...
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Solomon Hykes, CTO of Docker
Solomon Hykes, Founder, CTO, and Chief Product Officer at Docker talks about how Docker is making the Internet programmable during his LinuxCon Europe keynote.

Docker: Making the Internet Programmable

Docker, and containers in general, are hot technologies that have been getting quite a bit of attention over the past few years. Even Solomon Hykes, Founder, CTO, and Chief Product Officer at Docker started his keynote with the assumption that people attending LinuxCon Europe know that Docker does...
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Secure Your Containers with this One Weird Trick

Did you know there is an option to drop Linux capabilities in Docker? Using the docker run --cap-drop option, you can lock down root in a container so that it has limited access within the container. Sadly, almost no one ever tightens the security on a container or anywhere else. The Day After is...
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WTF Is a Container?

You can’t go to a developer conference today and not hear about software containers: Docker, Kubernetes, Mesos and a bunch of other names with a nautical ring to them. Microsoft, Google, Amazon and everybody else seems to have jumped on this bandwagon in the last year or so, but why is everybody so...
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InfraKit Hello World

Docker just shipped InfraKit a few days ago at LinuxCon and, while at the Docker Distributed Systems Summit, I wanted to see if I could get a hello world example up and running. The documentation is lacking at the moment, epecially around how to tie the different components like instances and...
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Software-Defined Networking Puts Network Managers in the Driver's Seat

SDNs can help organizations keep up with evolving network demands in an app-centric IT environment and give network managers much more flexibility. The strategy behind the network architecture inside many of today’s data centers was developed during the x86 era of server-desktop computing. Much has...
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Mesosphere Embeds Marathon Container Orchestration in DC/OS

While Marathon may not draw as much attention these days as other container orchestration technologies, work surrounding the platform continues. With the latest version of the DC/OS platform from Mesosphere, the Marathon container orchestration engine now comes baked in. Tal Broda, vice president...
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VMware & AWS Offer Combined Private and Public Cloud Service

VMware and Amazon Web Services (AWS) today confirmed rumors they will deliver a joint service that lets customers run their vSphere private clouds from VMware alongside their applications in AWS’s public cloud. They’ve jointly architected their new service named VMware Cloud on AWS. Their service...
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ResinOS Delivers Docker Containers for IoT Devices

Embedded devices, such as those used for internet of things applications, aren't known for being easy to program. ResinOS 2.0, from industrial internet software company Resin.io, aims to change that by using a custom Linux distribution to run Docker containers on embedded devices. The operating...
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​Ubuntu 16.10: The Linux for the Cloud and Containers Arrives

Ubuntu was already the most popular Linux in clouds. Now, with its Canonical distribution of Kubernetes, Canonical wants Ubuntu to be the most popular Linux for containers. This provides an easy to use DevOps way to manage containers like Docker, Red Hat's Open Container Initiative Daemon, (OCID);...
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