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NGINX’s Plan to Create a $1 Billion Business from its Open Source Software

NGINX Inc. has a set an ambitious goal for itself: To become a $1 billion company within the next eight to 10 years. It will not be an easy task, especially given that its biggest competitor may be its own well-engineered open source software. For NGINX, the key to success will be to successfully...
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Shared Hosting on your Web Server: Multiple virtual hosts

This article tends to help you to set up multiple websites (or virtual hosts) on single web server running on Linux. It's particularly useful if you don't want to spend money on multiple Virtual Private Servers (VPS), but you'd like to have ability to run and build multiple websites with minimum...
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How to speed up apache with mod_pagespeed and Memcached on Ubuntu 15.10

This tutorial shows how to improve the page load times of your website by using the Google mod_pagespeed module for Apache in conjunction with the fast in-memory cache Memcached. Pagespeed is an Apache 2 module that optimizes and caches the content of a website before it gets delivered to the...
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Plug It In: Nginx Web Server Now Accepts More Modules

Nginx is making its commercially supported enterprise Web server more extensible, providing interoperability for add-on modules that have previously been used only with the open source version of the server. Nginx Plus R9, debuting today, uses the new Dynamic Modules feature to work with more than...
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