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This Week in Linux News: Torvalds Monitoring Year 2038 Problem, Open Source Jobs Still in High Demand, & More

1) Linus Torvalds is keeping a close eye on Y2K-like "2038 problem," which is already causing problems.Torvalds Unhappy with Sloppy Unix Millennium Bug Patches for Linux Kernel- Neowin   2) The Linux Foundation's 2016 Open Source Jobs Report shows that demand for open source talent in the...
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Year 2038 Fixes Still Being Worked On for The Linux Kernel

The Linux kernel has been working on many Year 2038 fixes for a while now but the work is not over. Another pull request was sent in for the Linux 4.7 kernel in trying to prepare the VFS layer with Y2038 fixes. Arnd Bergmann has submitted a batch of Y2038 fixes for the Linux 4.7 merge window for...
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