The Hard Truths about Microservices and Software Delivery


Everybody’s talking about Microservices right now. But are you having trouble figuring out what it means for you? 

At the recent LISA conference, I had the pleasure of giving a joint talk with Avan Mathur, Product Manager of ElectricFlow, on Microservices.

With Microservices, what was once one application, with self-contained processes, is now a complex set of independent services that connect via the network. Each microservice is developed and deployed independently, often using different languages, technology stacks, and tools.

While Microservices support agility—particularly on the development side—they come with many technical challenges that greatly impact your software delivery pipelines, as well as other operations downstream.

During our session, Avan and I discussed some use cases that lend themselves well for microservices, and the implications of microservices on the architecture and design of your application, infrastructure, delivery pipeline, and operations. We discussed increased pipeline variations, complexities in integration, testing and monitoring, governance, and more. We also shared best practices on how to avoid these challenges when implementing microservices and designing your pipelines to support microservices-driven applications.

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