RDO Newton Overcloud HA deployment via TripleO QuickStart


Finally mistral work flows start to work in QuickStart environment.
Memory allocation as 7 GB for PCS HA Controllers and 6.7 GB for each compute overcloud node (1 VCPU by default for any node running in overcloud) seems to be safe to pass phases 5.X of overcloud deployment with QuickStart , having some kind of hidden ksm&&ksmtuned configuration when comparing with same amount of swap memory been utilized by instack-virt-setup. QuickStart allocate about 3-4 times less, around 200 KB vs 600-800 handled by default ksm setup.

Complete text maybe seen here http://dbaxps.blogspot.com/2016/10/rdo-newton-overcloud-ha-deployment-via_28.html