Top 10 Reasons Why Node.js Is Next Big Thing in Web Application Development


Node.js is an open source, cross platform, java script runtime environment for developing a different variety of tools and applications.  There are many excellent reasons to use node.js, regardless experience level. We are here presenting some points why node.js will be very big thing in Web application development.

Speed- V8 engine developed by Google (for chrome) is used by node.js which is java script runtime. V8 engine compiles java script in to native machine code that’s why using node.js will help developers in terms of speed.

Real time Web applications – Node.js is very helpful to design realtime Web application as it excels at many concurrent connections, so excel multi user applications like game and chat.

Java script – Most of the developers know java script and node.js allows them to use java script on the client, on the server and in the database.

Data streaming – We know that data comes in the form of streams. HTTP, request and response events can be leveraged to complete advantage to develop many great features.

Increases productivity – Node.js has increased the efficiency of the Web application development process at various organisations as it escaped the silos between front end and back end developers.

Effective tooling with NPM – Node.js package manager (NPM) is robust, consistent and superfast that enables to achieve dependency management correctly.

Code Shifting – Node.js codes either written for browser or for the server is same, so one can easily move the code from browser to server and vice versa.

Used for Hosting – Node.js is also helpful when it comes to hosting.  Many PaaS (Platform as a service) providers now deploying Node.js.

High performance- Three big giants of software industry PayPal, Walmart and Groupon revels their experiences after implementing node.js. Their experience was quite positive. Apart from them LinkedIn has also experienced great results post node.js implementation.                                                                                    

Easy modification – Node.js allows developers to work on small modules which can be combined together. Working on small modules concept enables developer to modify module if any change required in future.

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