TripleO QuickStart Ocata Branch Deployment with Feature Sets and Nodes Configuration (topology) Separated

In previous versions of triple-quickstart a config file 
was used to determine not only the features that would 
be enabled in tripleo and openstack but also the number of nodes 
to be used. For instance "config/general_config/ha.yml" would
configure pacemaker and ensure three controller nodes 
were provisioned.This typeof configuration is now deprecated 
but will still work through the Queens release.

The feature and node configuration have been seperated 
into two distinct configuration files to allow users 
to explicity select the configuration known as
"feature sets" and the nodes to be provisioned.  
The feature set configuration can be found under 
and the node configuration can be found under 
In general,Ocata overcloud deployment is more memory 
consuming then Newton.Minimal memory requirements are
highlighted bellow. 
Also minor trobleshooting step was undertaken 
after overcloud deployment. Command `pcs resource cleanup` 
was issued after detecting resources failed to start 
right after original deployment. 
Sshuttle command line was also modified to 
provide access to control plane and external network 
from workstation at a time.

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