17+ Commands Used in Process Management


In server administration, it is very important to understand how the running processes work in detail, from high load to slow response time processes. When your server becomes so slow or fails to respond, you should understand the process management or Linux process management in specific to an action.

When it is the time to kill a process or renice it and how to monitor the currently running processes and how these processes affect the system load. Let’s see how Linux process management will help us tuning the system.
1 Process types
2 Tuning performance with memory management
3 Managing virtual memory with vmstat
4 Checking the system load with the top command
5 Monitoring disk I/O with iotop
6 Checking processes with the ps command
7 Checking performance with iostat and lsof
8 Calculating the system load
9 Discovering process IDs with pgrep and systemctl
10 Discussing systemd
11 Nice and renice processes
12 Sending the kill signal


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