Custom Linux Installations


Customize your Linux installation and gain working knowledge of your system at the same time.

Most Linux users are content with a standard installation of their distribution of choice. However, many prefer a custom installation. They may simply prefer to do things their way without dozens of post-install tweaks. Others may want to know exactly what they are installing as a requirement for security. Still others may want a consistent installation for multiple machines or to learn more about their operating system step by step. Linux offers tools for all these purposes.

Admittedly, most of these tools are for major distributions. A survey of these tools shows that many are for time-tested distros like Debian or openSUSE. If you want a custom install of, say, KDE neon or Puppy Linux, you may not find a ready-made solution. But among the major distributions, you are like to find multiple solutions. Read on for some of the main options.

Roll Your Own Desktops

Traditionally, many distributions install with a default desktop. For instance, Fedora and Ubuntu default to Gnome, and Mageia to KDE Plasma. Users who prefer another desktop can choose from a wide range after installation, although often they should think twice, because such distros often install with a range of utilities designed for their default desktop.

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