How to Install Firefox Quantum in Linux


Finally, Firefox 57 was officially released for all major OS e.g. Linux (32/64 bit), Mac OSX, Windows and Android. The binary package are now available for download for Linux (POSIX) systems, grab desired one and enjoy the browsing with new features added to it.

What’s new in Firefox 57

The major new release comes with the following features:

  • A new design look thanks to a new theme, a new Firefox logo and new ‘New Tab‘ page.
  • A multi-core Rendering Engine that’s GPU efficient.
  • New Add-ons designed for the modern web.
  • Faster page load time with less RAM (according to Mozilla developers it should load pages 2 times faster).
  • Efficient memory management.

New Firefox has also added a lots of new interesting features to Android as well. So, don’t wait, just grab the latest Firefox for android from Google Play Store and have fun.

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