New Deepin Linux Gets Even Better With Touchscreen Gesture Support


I still stand behind my claim that Deepin is one of the slickest and most beautiful desktop Linux distributions on the planet. Beyond that, it honestly blows away Windows 10 and macOS in terms of visual appeal. It has a number of innovative features that feel way ahead of the curve compared to more “mainstream” distros like Ubuntu and Linux Mint. Now the developers are killing some bugs and bringing a few more notable features to the OS with the new Deepin 15.9 update.

Touchscreen Support With Gestures

Easily the most welcome new feature is enhanced touchscreen support, especially during a time when 2-in-1 devices are becoming more popular. And in many Linux distributions, touchscreen functionality is a bit of a weak point. Deepin 15.9 adds support for multiple touch gestures including click, double click, a long press to bring up the context menu, as well as sliding up and down.

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