7 Best Linux Distributions With No Proprietary Components


Linux is a free and open source operating system. However, Linux (and another open source operating system) can use and load device drivers without publicly available source code. These are vendor-compiled binary drivers without any source code and known as Binary Blobs. Die hard open source fans and Free Software Foundation (FSF) recommends completely removing all proprietary components including blobs.

Top 5 Reasons to Avoid Binary Blobs

  1. Modification & distribution – Binary blobs can not be improved or fixed by open source developers. You can not distribute modified versions.
  2. Reliability – Binary blobs can be unsupported by vendors at any time by abandoning driver maintenance.
  3. Auditing – Binary blobs cannot be audited for security and bugs. You are forced to trust vendors not to put backdoor and spyware into the blob.
  4. Bugs – Binary blobs hide many bugs. Also, it can motivate people to buy new hardware.
  5. Portability
  6. Privacy and Security.

In this post, I will list seven best Linux distribution that meets the FSF’s strict guidelines and contains no proprietary components such as firmware and drivers.