3 Reasons FLOSS Developers Should Attend Devoxx US, Eclipse Converge and Eclipse IoT Day


We are just a month away from Devoxx US and Eclipse Converge, and I’m really excited about what is coming up. Like I often say, there are only so many conferences that one can attend, so it is always hard to figure out which ones are really worthwhile. Although I am certainly a bit biased, since I am involved in its organization, here are three reasons why I think you should plan on being in San Jose the week of March 20.

#1 | Three co-located conferences to make the most of your week focusing on Cloud, IoT, Blockchain, Linux, and more!

If you’re a developer, chances are you have attended one or many Devoxx conferences in the past. It’s been the largest developer conference in Europe for many years, with events in the UK, Belgium, Morocco, France, and Poland! I’ve attended a few myself and always come away amazed at how much I learned, and how many great people I had the opportunity to meet.

The first edition of Devoxx US will take place on March 21-23 and I am very excited about this year’s program. With rock star speakers from Docker, Red Hat, and Google, I am personally really looking forward to learning more about building scalable software, which is a topic dear to my heart given my involvement with IoT. Also, the “Cloud, Containers & Infrastructure” track will feature lots of cool talks covering Linux technology, such as:

Building on the success of EclipseCon in the past, the Eclipse Converge conference will be a one-day event co-located with Devoxx US. One area that has kept the Eclipse community very busy recently is the integration of the Language Server Protocol (LSP) in all things IDE (from the classical Eclipse desktop IDE to Eclipse Che’s cloud-based IDE). The LSP talks from Red Hat, Pivotal and TypeFox will be a great opportunity to learn more about the technology, and how it will help make our development environments more flexible.

Last but not least is the Eclipse IoT Day, which will be on Monday March 20, see #2 below for the details!

All in all, that’s three conferences that will be happening all in the same week! Oh, and not to mention that you can also plan on bringing your kids to Devoxx4Kids! This should provide  you with plenty of opportunities to catch up on what’s hot and learn about the future of software development from world class experts.

#2 | A strong focus on IoT with the Eclipse IoT Day

The Eclipse IoT community has grown significantly over the past five years. Eclipse IoT Days are hosted all around the world and are a great place to learn more about both open source projects and how people are using them to create IoT solutions.

On March 20, the Eclipse IoT Day San Jose will have a very impressive line-up of speakers from Red Hat, Intel, Bosch SI, Deutsche Telekom, and more who will be sharing their experiences building and using Eclipse IoT technology. There are a bunch of projects in the Eclipse ecosystem that I believe are pretty unique in the marketplace. I, for one, am very much looking forward to getting an update on Eclipse hawkBit, a full-blown solution for managing software rollouts for IoT devices, that is used in production by Bosch today. I’m also very interested in hearing about Red Hat’s take on why building an open source IoT cloud platform matters, and how they are scaling their IoT infrastructure using Kubernetes and OpenShift. Large organizations are adopting Eclipse IoT open source technology and deploying solutions today and that is exciting!

#3 | A community event

Besides the technical talks, there will be many opportunities to meet with the community at-large and to network: Devoxx Hackergarten, Eclipse IoT Working Group meeting, or Birds of a Feather sessions just to name a few. I don’t know about you, but I typically spend as much time (if not more!) talking to people in the hallways as I do attending talks, and that’s what any good conference should be about, right? We expect many attendees from diverse backgrounds and with a lot to share, so brace yourself for a very busy week!

You can register now to attend any or all of these events: Devoxx US, Eclipse Converge and the Eclipse IoT day.

I look forward to seeing many of you in San Jose at the end of March!