How to Use SSH to Proxy Through a Linux Jump Host


Secure Shell (SSH) includes a number of tricks up its sleeve. One particular trick you may not know about is the ability to use a jump host. A jump host is used as an intermediate hop between your source machine and your target destination. In other words, you can access X from Y using a gateway.

There are many reasons to use a jump server. For example, Jump servers are often placed between a secure zone and a DMZ. These jump servers provide for the transparent management of devices within the DMZ, as well as a single point of entry. Regardless of why you might want to use a jump server, do know that it must be a hardened machine (so don’t just depend upon an unhardened Linux machine to serve this purpose). By using a machine that hasn’t been hardened, you’re just as insecure as if you weren’t using the jump.

But how can you set this up? I’m going to show you how to create a simple jump with the following details (Your set up will be defined by your network.):

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