LDAP Authentication In Linux


This howto will show you how to store your users in LDAP and authenticate some of the services against it. I will not show how to install particular packages, as it is distribution/system dependent. I will focus on “pure” configuration of all components needed to have LDAP authentication/storage of users. The howto assumes somehow, that you are migrating from a regular passwd/shadow authentication, but it is also suitable for people who do it from scratch.

The thing we want to achieve is to have our users stored in LDAP, authenticated against LDAP ( direct or pam ) and have some tool to manage this in a human understandable way. This way we can use all software, which has LDAP support or fallback to PAM LDAP module, which will act as a PAM->LDAP gateway.

Configuring OpenLDAP

OpenLDAP consists of slapd and slurpd daemon. This howto covers one LDAP server without a replication, so we will focus only on slapd. I also assume you installed and initialized your OpenLDAP installation (depends on system/distribution). If so, let’s go to the configuration part.

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