A Quick Guide to Network Administrator Course and Jobs


A career in network administration is full of opportunities today. With the world becoming more digitalized and the emergence of a booming IT industry, there are countless new prospects and jobs being shaped every year. With the increase in computer and software led companies, there is an even bigger need of network administrators, especially the large organisations.

What Does a Network Administrator Do Exactly?

An organisation who uses several computer systems or software platforms, requires a network administrator. A network administrator or a system administrator ensures that all the computer networks of an organisation are running smoothly and are always updated. This job can be extensive or narrow, based on the size of an organisation. The complexity of the network or the software platform is another factor. Installing computer systems and software; maintenance and troubleshooting; and updating the systems are some of the key roles played by a network administrator in an organisation. Moreover, a system or network administrator is also responsible for maintaining the wide area networks (WAN), local area networks (LAN), data and tele-communication networks, intranet and other similar segments. Other responsibilities include maintaining websites and all its functioning.

Skills and Qualifications Needed to Become a Network Administrator

If you are interested in becoming a network administer, you do not necessarily need a degree or qualification in the IT. Although, you do need an interest in the field in addition to some amount of fundamental knowledge of the roles discussed above. Any beginner who aspires to become a network administrator can sign up for a network administrator course. These courses can be studied at the undergraduate level (preferable by most). In fact, you can also major in network administration. A network administrator training would enable you to configure, troubleshoot and repair core network devices, communications systems and all types of IP services etc. The course structure might differ from the package you have selected. Some of these courses provide a general guide to network administrations but some courses provide training in vendor specific software and applications like Linux, Cisco, Microsoft etc. Several colleges, universities and local institutions offer these courses to both the beginners and experienced ones.

Employment Outlook and Demand for Network Administrators

Since the IT industry is growing rapidly and is expected to grow even more in coming years, network administrators have great job opportunities. These jobs are fairly compensated too. Though, your choice of organisation and expertise are the deciding factors in this case. The more skilled you are and bigger the responsibility, the better is the salary. With a relevant training and degree in network administration, you can work in almost any industry because almost all the industries are dependent on computer systems and networks for functioning.

In a nutshell, there are great prospects awaiting you, if you think you have got what it takes to set a foot in this door. Moreover, the compensation and roles are expected to grow in the upcoming years, promising better offers ahead.