Samsung Hosts ONOS Build 2017 and Fuels SDN Innovation


The ONOS (Open Network Operating System) community is growing fast in different geographies around the world and it’s time to bring everyone together. In collaboration with the Open Networking Foundation (ONF), Samsung is hosting ONOS Build 2017 at its R&D Campus in Seoul, Korea, on September 20-22.

The 2nd annual event is poised to unite more than 200 developers and contributors to share, learn, align, plan and hack together. There will be keynote and panel presentations by ONOS influencers, Community Showcase previews where people can present information about their work, an SDN Science Fair for demo presentations and a hackathon.

We sat down with Samsung, an ONF partner, to learn more about why the company invests in ONOS and why ONOS Build is an important event.

Why did Samsung offer to host ONOS build?

Samsung understands that innovation will be accelerated by open source communities and ONOS is the core organization paving the way. As a leading network solution provider, Samsung is excited to help connect developers who are fueling innovation and bringing SDN technologies into telecommunication networks around the world.  

Why is Samsung invested in ONOS?

ONF’s ONOS project targets carrier-grade performance by SDN equipped with service guarantee, reliability and scalability /high-performance. Samsung believes that ONOS is on the front lines of turning legacy networks into flexible and scalable systems that will enable operators to run their network more efficiently and ready for the upcoming 5G.

Samsung has been actively contributing and accelerating open source SDN and network virtualization based on ONOS to shape the next-generation service. We’re confident Samsung’s contributions will serve to fulfill the carrier’s’ requirements from compelling 5G service cases as a leader in telecommunications.

How long has Samsung been a part of the ONOS project?

Samsung leveraged ONOS in 2014 to develop a commercial ready SDN product and joined the ONOS project in 2016 as a board member. Since joining the project, Samsung has been actively contributing to the development of each release and is working closely with other operators to develop commercial level SDN solutions. With a large scale of developers who have extensive experiences working on SDN and insights to oversee the whole architecture of the telecommunication network, Samsung is playing a key role as a major contributor of specifications in the community, helping to escalate the technology available in the market.

What three things is Samsung hoping to get out of the event?

ONOS Build is an annual conference that will be held in different areas of the world to connect global developers from various backgrounds and industries. This year, we’ve invited innovators to Asia to reinvigorate a solid academic and business ecosystem throughout the Asia-Pacific areas.

Also, the event will be a platform for developers to promote and share their progress in SDN technology and its use cases. By sharing yearly updates, attendees can contribute to the history of SDN development and participate in open discussions that will increase efforts to innovate the SDN to the level of commercially available solutions.

Lastly, many global operators are expected to attend ONOS Build. By connecting the operators, we hope that we can share the vision and technical advancements of SDN with developers. This will dramatically shift the industry and help us step towards bigger network possibilities.

What will this event have that the last one didn’t?

ONOS Build 2016 was the first event to establish a strong foundation of SDN technology. Within a year there are more and more mobile operators willing to incorporate the technology into their networks. ONOS Build 2017 will be held within the context of rapidly changing perception of telco-industry participants and will be the catalyst to commercialization of carrier-grade SDN to the global telecommunication markets. In terms of content, this year’s event will span 3 days to offer an extra day of sessions for attendees to dive deeper into the technology and to showcase their work. There will also be a new CORD track on the last day which aims to introduce attendees to CORD as a use-case of ONOS.  

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