Access to TripleO QuickStart overcloud via sshuttle running on F24 WorkStation


Sshuttle may be installed on Fedora 24 via straight forward `dnf -y install sshutle` [1]. So, when F24 has been set up as WKS for TripleO QuickStart deployment to VIRTHOST , there is no need to install add-on FoxyProxy and tune it on firefox as well as connect from ansible wks to undercloud via  $ ssh -F ~/.quickstart/ssh.config.ansible undercloud -D 9090

Sshuttle creates a transparent proxy server on your local machine for all IP addresses that match in particular case. Any TCP session you initiate to one of the proxied IP addresses will be captured by sshuttle and sent over an ssh session to the remote copy of sshuttle, which will then regenerate the connection on that end, and funnel the data back and forth through ssh. There is no need to install sshuttle on the remote server; the remote server just needs to have python available. sshuttle will automatically upload and run its source code to the remote python.

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