Adventures Thru Linux #! 1


So here I am after around 5 years, a member of and I expect my experience to be a good one. At this momment i’ve tried several distros including gentoo, knoppix, ubuntu, xubuntu, slackware, puppy, fedora core, red hat, suse, mandriva, openbsd and a few others. I’m not sure why i’ve tried so many (maybe because my laptop is so old it’s damn near fossilised) but I am installing yet another distro that I hope will be my last, atleast for a while.

Crunch Bang Linux 8.04.2 LTS is my new distro of choice. Based on Ubuntu (probably the most popular and (IMO) easiest distro to use) and with the extremely lightweight openbox WM it should be a great fit for my pentium III beast.

Here is to the start of a great future with linux and my ongoing adventures thru it. If anyone actually read this blog, my condolences to you, and i’ll be back shortly with a progress report on my “adventures thru linux #!”