Collabora’s Devs Add Acoustic Echo Cancellation, Enhanced AC-3 to GStreamer 1.10


(As originally published on Softpedia, November 3, 2016)

Today, November 3, 2016, Collabora informs us about the contributions done by its multimedia team on the release of the powerful, free, open-source and cross-platform GStreamer 1.10 multimedia framework.

We reported the other day the release of GStreamer 1.10, which appears to be a major update that has been in development for the past seven months. During all this time, various developers have made smaller or bigger contributions, but it looks like Collabora’s devs have contributed a great deal of work to make GStreamer a lot better.

“Our contributions had two main targets: improve GStreamer’s overall reliability and improve support for hardware accelerated plugins. We’ve also contributed a number of improvements that we’ve done in relation to the work we do with our clients,” said Olivier Crête, Multimedia Domain Lead at Collabora, in a blog announcement.

Here are Collabora’s major contributions to GStreamer 1.10

Among the major contributions added by Collabora’s devs to GStreamer 1.10, we can mention the implementation of a GstTracer plugin for tracing memory leaks in GStreamer plugins and apps, which actually help them address many leaks, support for ALSA devices with multiple audio channels, mostly present in the industrial environments, and memory leak fixes in the new decodebin3/playbin3 code.

There’s also Acoustic Echo Cancellation (AEC) support, which might come in handy if you have a microphone capable of capturing the output of the speaker when doing phone calls, support for multiple threads in the libvpx decoder (for VP8 and VP9 streams) on multi-core systems, various improvements to the V4L2 (Video4Linux) elements, as well as support for the video meta, which allows for zero-copy operations.

Furthermore, Collabora’s developers enabled the GObject property notification for name changes of GstObject, cleaned up the rfbsrc element, added Wayland support for the new wl_viewporter extensions to allow for video cropping and scaling, improved both the AAC parser and Ogg Vorbis elements, fixed bugs in the fdkaac elements and gst-rtps-server, and Enhanced AC-3 support to the MPEG Transport Stream demultiplexer.

And it looks like their work won’t stop here, as Olivier Crête notes on a second blog post that “We’re already working on new improvements for the next major GStreamer version, in particular, Nicolas is working hard to have perfectly controlled latency in waylandsink to have guaranteed A/V sync under 15ms and automatic negotiation of dmabuf between the Wayland, vaapi and OpenGL plugins.”

All the above have been contributed by a total of seven Collabora developers, namely Guillaume Desmottes, Nicolas Dufresne, Vincent Penquer’ch, Xavier Claessens, Wonchul Lee, Thibault Saunier, and Olivier Crête. For more details about these new GStreamer improvements, also check out the links above. In the meantime, you can download GStreamer 1.10 right now via the Softpedia website.