DFKI and Univention develop secure technology for third-party applications in Univention Corporate S


As the use of and dependency on IT solutions grows, IT infrastructure security is becoming central to business survival. Industrial espionage and temporary production outages are just two possible consequences of poorly secured IT solutions. That is why research staff in the Cyber-Physical Systems department at the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI) and developers at the Bremen software provider Univention are creating a security infrastructure based on virtualisation techniques, as part of the “Safer Apps” project. The aim is to enable companies safely to install and run applications from third-party vendors in an existing IT infrastructure and in the cloud, without this posing risks or problems for that IT environment.

The project team wants to create a prototype of such a security model in the Linux Enterprise distribution Univention Corporate Server (UCS) – a model that will allow the “safe” operation of third-party applications from the Univention App Center on UCS as the operating system platform.

Further information on Univention’s and DFKI’s website.