enKryptik observations – A barrel o’ links for Linux


Everyone remember bobbing for apples at a Halloween party? You could see them all floating there in the barrel just waiting to be bitten into. Course, then when you actually would attempt it, you spent more time getting wet and laughed at while the little red bobs would just ooch right out of the way of your best efforts. After a little bit of time and persistence you’d ultimately catch one and be rewarded with a tangy snack. Fishing for information on the Internet for Linux is a little like bobbing for apples. Insert key words, search, read, back arrow, next link, read…until you find what you are looking for.

Utilizing the oracle (ummm…Google) we put in our errors, interests, questions or frustrations in the hopes of hitting the right link to answer our issue. From many a Google search I have saved off numerous Linux links and reference them while researching or troubleshooting. What would be good is a centralized starting point, yeah? Recently I came across a good centralized Linux link site and thought I would share it. Aptly enough it is called Loads of Linux Links.

LLL has links classified by category (i.e. hardware, kernel, network, software etc) as well as a place to submit new links or change 404 links (I submitted Linux.com). In a way it is centralized point to start from to “bob” for the apples of information you seek. You could spend an entire day just paging through the thousand plus links. An excellent resource for Linux hounds. Give it a look see….


 Enjoy! – Kryptikos