Everyday with Linux


I have tried blogging several times before and it hasn’t been a big success, because I usually have so many things going on that I never find time to update them regularly.  I even had a blog before they were called blogs, where I kept notes about Linux and other computer related things.

But I really like the idea of having a blog on Linux.com, I think it has a certain coolness about it. So I am going to try to blog things here more regularly.

I use Linux every single day.  I have Linux installed on 5 desktop machines here on my desk, that I use for testing: a Dell Inspiron that came with Linux pre-installed, an AMD64 machine, a PowerPC Mac mini, an Intel Mac mini, and an old machine that just happend to be sitting around.  I have Linux on my laptop.

I have an older machine at work that I do all of my web browsing, e-mail, play music, edit audio, etc. on.  Unfortunately, I have to have a Windows machine at work because there is one program that is essential to my work that only runs on Windows.  But everything that can be done on Linux, I do on the Linux machine.

So my plan is to blog about my experiences with Linux, both good and bad.  I also plan to link to other Linux related things that I find interesting.