Fluxbox menu tweaks for internet, 2in1, and toggles

I rarely use the bookmarks in iceweasel anymore. By leaving my conky in place at the bottom of my screen, and saving the window positions, I always have access to my menu without having to minimize anything I am working on. I keep all my most used web sites in the Fluxbox menu. Mine is set to open every subject in the english section, but my network connection is fast.

As an example, the menu entry below will open four sidux forum subjects at once from the fluxbox menu. Changing the urls to whatever you prefer is easy. Please note that when I say ~/.fluxbox menu, I am referring to whatever you have labled as your primary menu, i.e. menu1.

Add in ~/.fluxbox menu:

[exec] (SiduxForum) {iceweasel http://www.sidux.com/PNphpBB2-viewforum-f-29.html http://www.sidux.com/PNphpBB2-viewforum-f-19.html http://www.sidux.com/PNphpBB2-viewforum-f-23.html http://www.sidux.com/PNphpBB2-viewforum-f-26.html}

You can combine whatever sites you wish, they do not need to be from the same host site.

This feature can apply not only to instances of the same program, but also to make different programs open at the same time, using the ‘&’ symbol.
To open Mousepad and Thunar at once. You would do:

[exec] (Thunar/Mouse) {thunar & mousepad}

Using the ‘&’ symbol allows for the inclusion of another command.

One way I use this menu feature, is while editing my video selection. Because I keep my list in a script for the movie player I use in ~/.scripts/togglevid.sh, and my videos in ~/Video, I can use this:

[exec] (Video/List) {mousepad ~/.scripts/togglevid.sh & thunar ~/Videos}

I can think of numerous combinations that would also be useful.

*note: Fluxbox expects to find programs in /usr/bin. To open a program to be called from somewhere else, you will need the full path in menu entries.
One cool part about this for me, is that I can fit my ~/.fluxbox folder on a usb stick or extra partition or (list goes on . . .), and all of my settings will be there waiting for me the next time I reinstall or install/add another distro. No need to set it up more than once.

You can also toggle different programs from the fluxbox menu. For instance:

[ToggleCmd {Exec xcompmgr -c} {Exec pkill xcompmgr}] (Toggle Effects)

This would toggle xcompmgr on/off with the -c option, and create a menu entry named ‘Toggle Effects’



Please comment if you are using this  ‘how -to’.  All suggestions and comments welcome.