Four Linux Distributions For Chromebook Lovers


Chromebooks have been generated quite some buzz in the last couple of years. The main advantage for Chromebooks is that these are inexpensive laptops with modest hardware and are good looking as well.

Chromebooks are based on Google’s web-oriented Chrome OS. While Chrome OS itself is based on the Linux kernel, it is not really the same experience as full desktop Linux. There are ways to install Linux on Chromebook, but I am not going to talk about those today. Instead, I am going to list four Linux distributions which are either meant for Chromebooks or they imitate the looks of Chrome OS.

Intrigued? Here we go with the list of Linux distributions for Chromebook lovers:


Chrubuntu was the first Linux distribution to serve the need of a true Linux OS for Chromebooks. As the name suggest, it is based on Ubuntu but tweaked to run on Chromebooks. This open source project has been the top choice of Linux users opting for a proper desktop Linux and replace Chrome OS. It is still used by many but there are reports that the project has not been actively developed lately.

Gallium OS

Gallium OS is an upcoming Linux distributions that is being specifically developed for Chromebooks. This distribution aims to outperform Chrome OS on the same hardware platform. For this purpose, the team is working on tweaking the Linux Kernel so that it runs smoothly on Chromebook hardware.

Gallium OS is based on Xubuntu and thus it should be easier to use for even the beginners. Though the first stable version is not out yet, you can still download the second beta version of Gallium OS and try it out.

Chromixium aka Cub Linux

Chromixium OS is not a Linux distribution aimed to replace Chrome OS on Chromebooks. Instead, it imitates the looks of Chrome OS. Chromixium OS is based on Ubuntu and has been admired by many Linux users for its looks.

Recently, there was copyright issue with Google and Chromixium was forced to change its name to Cub Linux. Stable version of Cub Linux is available.


Papyros is another Linux distribution that is inspired by the looks of Chrome OS. Unlike Cub Linux, Papyros doesn’t just imitate Chrome OS looks, it enhances its look by adding material deisgn looks on it. This increases its looks many fold.

At present, Papyros is in early stages of development. The first alpha version should be coming in new few weeks for the early birds to try and test it.

Your choice?

Do you own a Chromebook as well? Do you use Chrome OS or any other Linux distribution on it?