Get Ready ! Pardus 2009 Is Coming !


Pardus 2009 is coming !   Pardus developers are really working hard to make the release of the Anatolian Leopard “Pardus”. This release will be the best distro release in 2009, its system managers are well  integrated to KDE and its effortless and easy installation, speed and the power of its polished package manager Pisi will be the best parts of this release, also newest version of the major programs are already waiting for you at the repos, like Firefox 3.5 , OOo 3.1 etc. Also the buildfarms were like hungry monsters, they compiled over 2.000 packages in last weeks, and they still contunue.

And the best thing, the annoying tiny details of your distro experience are handled by Pardus developers very carefully. 

It is effortless, fast,easy to use,and you will never want to leave Pardus 😉

Just wait and see 🙂

I wasn’t able to post but here is the release announcement (11 july) of Pardus 2009 RC2


Latest testing release of Pardus 2009 is ready ! Like always you can
download this release from Pardus FTP servers at

For a smooth installation experience, please verify the checksum of
the ISO files after you have downloaded, use quality CD's and burn the
CD in DAO mode with 16x speed.

The International CD of RC2, containing 11 languages to choose from,
is also available in FTP.

The new release contains many bugfixes and enhancements after the RC
release. New release comes with i mproved hardware support for
printers, scanners, webcams, wireless adapters and DVB devices.

Pardus 2009 RC2 has also been improved graphically in every part of
the distribution. All the splash systems from bootloader to login
screen has been improved. Pardus' icon theme, Milky, created from
scratch by Banu Önal is now available for our users. New wallpapers
from Gökhan Özkan are also available.

Migration tool, allowing users of Windows to migrate their personal
data now comes with the installation CD.

The new test version of Pardus 2009 contains up to date packages like

KDE 4.2.4
Linux kernel
Mozilla Firefox 3.5
Gimp 2.6.6
K3b 1.66
Xorg 1.6.2
Python 2.6.2

and many more in just one CD. Pardus repositories are growing larger
and larger everyday, with the main repo over 2000 packages.

Known issues of Pardus 2009 RC2 are as follows;

- If you select a theme from Kaptan, the icon set is set to Oxygen.
To use the default icon theme, Milky, you can either skip the theme
selection in Kaptan, or change the icon theme to Milky through System
Settings tool.

- Migration tool pops up even if there is no Windows system detected.
You can safely pass the Migration tool by pressing cancel or closing
the application.

We remind you that this is the second testing release for Pardus
2009. Not all of the features and optimizations of the final release
are ready in the beta release. As this release is within the fast
developement cycle, there will be lots of package updates towards the
stable release.

We welcome you to report us the bugs you encounter and feature
requests in our bug tracker