Getting Ready for 2015’s Cloud, Let’s Embrace The Advancements


Getting Ready for 2015’s Cloud, Let’s Embrace The Advancements

As we get ready to embrace the New Year, most enterprises are already preparing themselves with new business strategies for 2015. Technology continues to innovate even if there are ups and downs in businesses. Starting with a new year is always the best time for new goals, aligning strategies, re-assessing and an internal-analysis as well for ensuring improvements.

Most organisations that rely over IT would already know about the cloud models (IaaS, SaaS and PaaS) and have researched on the major services providers. Where most would be looking forward to moving completely to gain success and manage the IaaS layer.

There will be more choices in the cloud for organizations than ever before. The new year would see a shift towards the multi-cloud world where one would advantage of cloud services from different services providers depending upon the workloads. Cloud is not only going to burst into torrent of services that will be delivered at a cheaper cost but would also see an easy in usage. Though this may be a new concept for some ventures, but many have already adopted it where it’s a mix of private and public clouds to suffice IT needs within the businesses. Need for cloud technology is felt by the organizations as it gives a strong boost to analytics and offers agile and flexible environment. “By giving a new approach to IT, it allows the individuals or ventures to select a method to acquire or deliver IT services to the clients with less reliability on restraints of the outdated software and hardware licensing models”, according to David Cearley, vice president and Gartner Fellow.

In addition to countless choices, the emphasis on what drives good value will be the major theme for 2015. Value isn’t specifically referred to cost but the time and energy that is spent on handling and scaling the corporate environment. This will facilitate providers being more skeptical, strengthening the need for a trusted partner whether you depend on that partner for managing public or private cloud, program the DevOps or maintain tabs on your apps like Google Apps for Work. Instead of recruiting resources to manage the tools and technologies and maximizing the cost for them, it will be eminent for the companies to focus on IT management and decide on their partner to generate more value.

As per the global survey by Equinix, around 38 percent of companies plan to install between 3-5 cloud services over next year along with 11 percent planning on more than 10 services. While the report published by the Cloud Industry Forum (CIF) predicted that UK’s cloud penetration will spike up to 90 percent in 2015 introducing new challenges for firms to manage the significant data inflow. Currently, an approximate of 78 percent of UK businesses are using cloud services as per the CIF figures. More users will make a fresh start by moving their server workloads to cloud, where some would upgrade to primary level while others will try to enhance their IT strategy, commented Alex Hilton, the CIF’s chief executive.

Switching over to the cloud environment doesn’t mean simply shifting everything into another company’s container but it’s a template shift in the way you and your company need to work. Since there has been a great change in the system administration, the next step in cloud evolution is the automation of processes that should further make your life easier. But while selecting a cloud service provider you should find out whether it offers all the essentials including good management and automation tools/skills. Elasticity plays a vital role in any venture and one knows that the capability of scaling up and down, decreases the cost when referring to the balance sheet at the end of the year.

Though we are mentioning all the facts and information here, it completely depends upon you, what type of cloud platform to choose – public, private or hybrid. Moving to cloud provides greater agility, reduces complexity, cuts down on overall cost and allows shifting from capital-intensive to operational cost models. The coming year 2015, is going to be a make or break year for many enterprises who take an initiative step towards cloud. So, utilize your holidays to relax and enjoy as the real tough technology wars are to start from next January. Best luck!