How to Control Your Linux PC With Your Iphone (or other PC)


Sometimes in my work (this always happen at the lunch time) I have to send an “urgent” e-mail, but I’m away from my pc, or I’m on the road and someone need a file or wherever the cause is, I need to access to my PC but I’m not in fron of it, what the solution is??

Team Viewer in the Iphone

Team Viewer, that’s the solution. Team Viewer is an easy to use software, you don’t have to set-up complicated VPN Tunnels or proxy, you just need an ID and the password from the machine you want to connect and that’s all. Some of the options you can get to connect with Team Viewer are:

  • Remote Support: With this option you can have full access and control over the internet to the another PC
  • Presentation: You can only share your screen with the other person and nothing more, useful for business presentations
  • File Transfer: Has the name say, it work like an FTP (it’s not, but do the job) for file transfer, copy or add files over the internet

Has you can see it’s very easy to use, give a try. You can download the Linux, Mac or Windows version from here and the Iphone app is on the Itunes Store, everything is FREE.

Any question or comments are welcome, if you need help just let me know šŸ˜€