How to Learn Kubernetes with Minikube


Containers have become the way everyone deploys applications. And Kubernetes has become the favorite container orchestration tool.

As such, it behooves anyone working with containers or the cloud—which is pretty much everyone in enterprise IT—to improve their Kubernetes skills. That’s both to benefit your company and your own career prospects.

Unfortunately, setting up Kubernetes on a cloud is difficult. You can spend more time getting it to work than learning how to use it.

The solution: Minikube. Minikube is an application that brings you up to speed. It helps you set up and run Kubernetes on a computer running Linux, macOS, or (in beta) Windows. You can avoid Kubernetes’ steep deployment learning curve and get straight to trying out the container management tool’s features.

But even Minikube needs an introduction. In this article, I show you the steps involved in using Minikube, using Linux as my operating system.

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