How to Resolve Linux Error- “Read-only file system”


Are you facing “Read-only file system” error while booting your Linux computer? Does your system refuse to boot up in dual-boot configuration with Microsoft Windows operating system? When you encounter this behavior, system can not boot up and your data becomes inaccessible. At the same time, system may stop responding and you need to perform hard reboot. This overall behavior leads to significant data loss on your Linux system and need Linux Data Recovery to be sorted out.

In order to try fixing this issue on your Linux computer, identify the root cause of this problem. You may come across such circumstances due to any of the below reasons:

Damaged or corrupted file system

Improper unlock addresses for the LPC (Low Pin Count) flash chip

Hard drive failure

Linux automatically re-mounts the file system as read-only, if a hard drive failure takes place. In order to detect the affected system component and fix it, go through the underwritten steps:

To check error, integrity, and consistency of file system, unmount it first. If you can not unmount the file system, being root file system, force file system check at next reboot. If you find that file system is corrupted, hard drive formatting is required to rebuild or replace the damaged file system.

Run fsck command-line utility on the affected Linux hard drive. It is an in-built tool of Linux operating system, which lets you repair a number of issues with inode structure, data blocks, directory structures and more.

If hard drive failure is the problem, format hard drive, reinstall operating system, and restore data from the most recent backup.

Formatting is the process of creating a new copy of all the hard drive data structures, including file system. It removes every type of errors from the hard drive and make it as a new drive, deleting all the data, applications, and even operating system from it.

This process causes severe data loss, if the backup is not in place. In such conditions, Linux Recovery come for your rescue. You can carry out safe, quick, and easy Data Recovery Linux through third-party recovery applications.

Such tools are known as Linux Recovery Software. They use advanced scanning techniques to perform thorough scan of data loss affected hard drive and carry out absolute recovery in most of the logical data loss situations.