Install and configure FTP server in Redhat/Centos Linux?


FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol. It was written by Abhay Bhushan and published in 1971. FTP is supported by all the operating systems and browsers.

It is a client-server based protocol.

How FTP works

Step a: Client connects to server on port 21.

Step b: Server responds and ask for authentication.

Step c: Client decides weather to connect passively or actively and authenticate with credentials(user name password).

Step d: If it is an active connection, server opens port 20 for data transfer and gives ftp prompt after successful authentication.

Installing FTP server in Centos

Step 1: We will use below host name and IP address for our test machine to setup FTP server

Server IP:

Host Name:

Just edit file /etc/hosts

#vi /etc/hosts

and add the line on bottom and save

Step 2: Install vsftpd (very secure FTP daemon) package.

#yum install vsftpd ftp

Configuring FTP server in Linux Centos

Step 3: Configure vsftpd package. We will edit /etc/vsftpd/vsftpd.conf you can do this with gedit (If installed) or vi command.

#vi /etc/vsftpd/vsftpd.conf

Change the line which contain anonymous_enable=YES to anonymous_enable=NO. This will permit any one to access FTP server with authentication.


Uncomment the following line

local_enable=YES                                    allow users in /etc/passwd to login

write_enable=YES                                   allow users to write files. “NO†will permit only to read.

Change the line chroot_local_user=NO to chroot_local_user=YES. This will permit local user as FTP account. If you add an user, it will be treated as a FTP account as well.

The local user directory will be the FTP directory.


Step e: Client call for file and server initiates file transfer.

Following picture shows a simple way of data transfer through ftp.

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