Linus Torvalds and Richard Stallman


In this article, i’ll try to show people what i think about these two persons, the icons of free software on these days, and why sometimes they appear to be incompatible.

Well, let’s start with Torvalds. He is an amazing guy, who started the most know free software name: Linux. About his personality, i think he care more about the evolution of the kernel. I mean that he follow the open source way just because it’s more efective. He knows that a lot of people can modify it, and turn it better, what means that it will be many times better many times faster. The only reason beacuse he rejects the GPLv3 it why he think it will slow down the evolution of kernel. I think him like a engineer, that just cares about the product’s quality, and the time it takes to be there.

Now, let’s talk about Stallman, that is too an amazing guy, who started by himself the free software concept, the man of GNU. I think him like a philosopher, the opensource master philosopher. He cares about the user’s freedom on first way, no matter how much time it takes to a program me ready. I think Stallman just wants the totaly free software available to all people who want it. He is a visionary that know the future of opensource.

But GNU/Linux is so good just beacuse of this, too many different types of people contributing to make the software for all.

Linus try to make GNU/Linux competitive with other proprietary OS, and Stallman just try to make it free. Both things are really good for the users.

If Stallman hadn’t started GNU, Linux would probably be another proprietary software that few people must know, and without Linus, we would probably be on the rock age of free software.

Their personalities are complementary, so there’s no way comparing them, we should just be glad for what the two have done for us.
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Leonardo B.
Edit: OMG! I today (Sep, 21) i was watching “Revolution OS” and then i saw Linus calling Richard Stallman Philosopher and himself as an Engineer.

I swear I had not seen before. Anyway, i’m happy to think like Linus.