Linux Foundation Guru’s get mentioned in FOSS article in UK Linux Format Magazine!


I posted this on my own external blog, but thought I would share the pics of the article in Linux Format that mentions the Linux Foundation!

This years Top Ten Linux Guru’s as judged by the Linux Foundation where picked earlier last month. Imagine my surprise to find my name (Matt Palmer) amongst them when I opened this months (UK June Edition) of Linux Format!!

I thought I would put up a couple of pictures of the article for prosperity. Well done to all the other guru’s as well, who have done a brilliant job of helping new users to Linux, as well as assisting others with questions,whitepapers and best practices, and inspiring innovation and development within the organisation.

Here were the Top Ten contributors to the Foundation:

1)Matthew Fillpot

2)Aaron Aceves

3)Andrea Benini


5)Istimsak Abdulbasir

6)Marco Fioretti

7)Matt Palmer (Me!)

8)Per Lindholm



Take a look at the Linux Foundations Website for some great articles and topics for debate, and the latest news on the greatest operating system on the planet!